blossoms have become fruit

Bower Meadow, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

7752. I love the sound of cheering! Thank you everybody! You guys are great. And I so appreciate the confidence boost toward completing A Lamentation of Swans.

Yesterday was writing day with Michelle. I worked on the conversation between Vinza and Annasara. Instead of Todai and It’s A Grind as we usually do, we drove to the Grand Californian Hotel at Downtown Disney to sit in its lobby and write. You can plug up in the lobby and wi-fi is free, we’d been told. True. We had lunch at Catal, and then on to the hotel.

What a beautiful place. It captures the romantic, late-nineteenth century Craftsman style and its interior decor is Arts and Crafts also known as the Mission Style, my favorite style of interior design and decoration. The lobby is magnificent. When you walk in, the ceiling grabs attention, rising up and up to a cathedral vault. Depending from it, six huge chandeliers of dark polished timbers and trapezoidal lamps. The floor is marble, patterned in great splashes of color, red, green, amber, and cream, that resolve into giant poppies when looked down upon from the mezzanine. Rectilinear railings are inset with stained glass squares in abstract design. The carpet appears to be a William Morris design. Every detail, from floors to walls to light sconces and lintels, carries the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, and this being Disney, animal characters are hidden all over in the decor.

While seeking the Ladies, I went up a spill of stairs to the second floor, and got one of those “Oh!” surprises. The walls are decorated with trees in the mode, simply splendid; the lanterns are inscribed with delicate branches as lovely as Chinese calligraphy, and cast a soft light, and a portion of one wall is ornamented, ivory on ivory, in a textured pattern of overlapping leaves. No expense was spared. The stairs are a marvel of fine craftsmanship, burnished slabs of chrysanthemum-colored wood, beveled round, spilling down in a wide spiral.

Next time we go, I’m taking my camera.


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  1. Well isn’t that an inspiring location! Sounds fantastic. I usually write on my novel at home unless something strikes me spontaneously. But I can often write other things at the coffee shop.

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