Windflower, John William Waterhouse

6,392. Sunday, cool morning, bright sunshine. The laundry is in the dryer, it’s 9:47 am, and I need to get to work on A Lamentation of Swans. Ended last night reading more of An Instance of the Fingerpost, really enjoying the novel and trying to learn from it. Page 243 has a transition paragraph that combines action, motivation, and details gleaned from research that render texture and authenticity, and moves the story forward. Last night I finished the first part, the Cola narrative, and I’m now in the second part, the Prestcott narrative. It’s a historical murder mystery that has history, biography, gossip, travel, polemic, essay, and confession, as its narrative elements.

I see A Lamentation of Swans as a tapestry hung on the mental loom, a small portion of it woven, and the rest no more than colorful strands, hanging loose against the warp. The words I’ve written since the start of the year are a new piece of the cloth. As I work my way to the other portions, the 60,000 or so already written, some of those strands will be woven in altogether and some will be pulled out. I don’t have an outline, don’t want one, and if I write one at all, it’ll be when the book is completely done and I want an overview so I can write the synopsis for marketing.


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