she had not the key


Psyche Opening the Golden Box, John William Waterhouse

A Lamentation of Swans, starting word count: 6,192. Goal: 2 pages

This afternoon is sunless, and the trees outside my bedroom window sway in a gray wind. Looking back through previously written pages, just to re-engage, I ran across a scene that I’d begun last Sunday, but didn’t finish. I’d written it from a fragment of a thought, wanting to show Gaius’s nature and introduce his notary and amanuensis, Raet Shirkina, but the scene went awry; it didn’t seem to have a point. Still it has potential (don’t they all) so I’ll let it lie and maybe later it’ll gain some significance.


One thought on “she had not the key

  1. What a beautiful picture! I am slogging away at travel articles and marketing. Have written three new articles and now I’m going to work on at least one of the Chile ones before resuming work on my novel. I am workshopping a chapter of my novel Monday and after that I will get busy and do more work on it. But I had to take a break to do some marketing for travel. It’s very discouraging though. Not too many people want to pay you for your work.

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