falling through the words


 Lamia, John William Waterhouse

2069 words done yesterday for the new Chapter 2. It’s always a pleasure to slip through the words and see a scene unfold, catch the scent of an alien country. Spent a little time at the start of a scene working out the logistics, had to figure out how soon Mira came to the farm house or whether he would have been at the inn while Gaius and Vinza were there. Nothing of particular significance to the plot, just details I had to get straight in my head so I could write the scene.

I’m fooling myself with my non-fiction reading. Right now I’m in a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte. There’s more to Bonaparte than what’s conveyed in paintings of a man looking very much like a stuffed penguin. The plot spider is spinning. Of course I’m reading for writing–fat chance of not. I’m only trying to keep the plot spiders at bay. They hide in the folds of the muse’s gown and spin nets to trap me.

I’ve got an idea for a new novel–Regency noir; will certainly involve vampires.