an insane woman riding

Destiny, John William Waterhouse

775 words in the revised Candalas scene. I like the scene as I’ve written it at the moment, although I can see where a little more is needed, minor stuff, a sentence here and there. It’s 4:33 p.m. It’s taken me all day to get to the point where I can sit down and get to work on A Lamentation of Swans. I had to take care of some banking this morning, and then I had to visit Costco for groceries so that I’d have food for the coming week as well as the rest of the month, especially for making lunches for work. I’d rather not nickel and dime myself buying lunch every day. And after getting home with the groceries, I had to take the time to prepare the lettuces for daily salad-making and separate and wrap the steaks, put everything away, prepare tomorrow’s lunch as well as do pre-preparation for the week’s lunches and dinners–all of which took more time than I’d expected. If I don’t do these things “in the moment,” they won’t get done come Monday ’cause I won’t have the time, which means I won’t eat properly doing the week and will end up spending money I’d rather not spend.

So now at last I’m sitting down to work, and my mind is a bit frazzled and in disarray, but at least today won’t earn a goose egg. So, in order to settle my mind, I’m going to read a bit of Jane Yolen’s “Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide To Loving The Craft” and then I’m going to apply myself to rewriting the scene that introduces Gaius.


2 thoughts on “an insane woman riding

  1. Good work!

    I find that holding to the schedule I did for Nano, writing at least 1500 words first thing in the morning, after yoga, but before breakfast, lets me relax and do things like errands, etc., without fretting. And then, sometimes, I can go back to the page after everything is done.

    If I don’t get some writing done first thing, I’m unfocused and uneasy all day.

  2. Ok, let’s see if this works and if WordPress will remember me tomorrow. 🙂

    I actually like the design, it’s clear and there are no sidebars running into the main text (I suppose that happens with those three bar templates people seem to love). So good luck with the new blog.

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