Day Dream, Dante Gabriel Rossetti 

I’m settling in here, learning the tools–something of an adventure since I’m not very tech-savvy. Guess I ought to link back to pendrifter at Blogger since I’ve got two years of posts there, and I’m thinking I ought to import them here, but I’ve not decided about that. So for anyone whose interested, and there’s lots of lovely art there, I’ve placed a link for the old pendrifter in the blogroll.

I want this blog to be more interesting as a writer’s journal, but don’t know what to do about making it so. Will have to give it some thought. I love this template, especially the large inkpen.

I’m nearly finished with Francine Prose’s Reading Like A Writer: A Guide For People Who Love Books And For Those Who Want To Write Them. Inspirational and informative, it’s given me plenty to think about in composing A Lamentation of Swans. Speaking of my ever-present, recalcitrant WIP, it’s time to get back to it, time to face the great white sea and return to the harvesting of words, phrases, sentences, chapters, the gathering of narrative.

Caitlin Kiernan’s Daughter of Hounds arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to start reading it; it’s going to be my weekend treat. I’ve got a growing collection of her work. I’m fascinated by the way she writes–her narrative pacing and the way her writing connects word to word, conveying so much more than what is actually on the page. There are stories hiding within stories in her fiction. She’s a writer whom I read and re-read.

I’ve decided to continue writing A Lamentation of Swans by hand, but I’m also considering purchasing Alphasmart’s Neo.  I like the idea of an Alphasmart ’cause it’s compact, easier to carry with me than the Mac, and I can’t do the Internet. But  with paper and pen, I feel less stress. When I’m staring at the computer screen, I feel like I ought to be writing, typing, something, anything, but with paper and pen, I can sit and stare and think without feeling like I’m doing a lousy job of it.

Anyway, time’s passing, and the story’s calling, but first,  my favorite films of 2006…

The Prestige

The Departed

Blood Diamond

A Scanner Darkly

Casino Royale


The Queen

Children of Men

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Stranger Than Fiction


3 thoughts on “janus

  1. Your template’s beautiful — you inspired me to start double posting on Word Press as well as Blogger. I’m trying to learn, too, and having a hard time.

    How do you post pictures? I can load them into the thingy–but can’t get it up on the post. And if you delete from the upload (because it will be a very short time before I hit the 50 whatevers — can you delete them or does that delete in the blog?

    Anyway, love your new look. Hop on over and check out my new look — http://devonellington.wordpress.com — it’s still called Ink, and I’m double posting for about a month until I can figure it all out.

  2. I like writing things out by hand first too. Then I take my notes and work on the computer. I can write anywhere, such as even jotting notes down while on the bus. A lot of my novel is composed of these fragments of spontaneous writings.

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