Danaides, John William Waterhouse 

So…welcome to the new pendrifter, my online writer’s journal, which will pretty much be like the old pendrifter, full of my thoughts, ideas, and general maunderings (along with a bit of moaning and whining) about writing my novels and stories–fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, primarily. Perhaps, now and then, I’ll manage a rant or two about something on my mind, but mostly I’ll spare you my mental grievances.

Driving in to work in the dark hours of yesterday morning, I noticed the moon. It hung low in the western skies, yellow and round as a wheel of cheese. Driving in this morning though, it was a white blotchy coin of a moon, misted by clouds. Merely observation, no brilliant philosophical conclusion pending.

The priority objective for January is to rewrite the Candalas scene. The additional perspective is the attitude the Raevanis have developed when encountering a death like Annasara’s. It’s an anomalous attitude and Candalas must express it in as subtle a way as I can manage.

Note to self regarding writing an antagonistic character: write the character as a regular human being living ordinary life, as we all do, but making wrong decisions driven by certain desires and emotions natural to that person. A multidimensional human gone wrong.

Began reading Robert Asprey’s biography of Napoleon Bonaparte: The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.


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  1. Great stuff!

    Are you signed up directly with wordpress, or is this part of your website?

    I love the look — so clean and sleek.

    I’ll update my links later today.

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